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I don’t know about you, but I like to enjoy a glass of wine now and then. I don’t do it too often. I prefer to spend some money on a high-quality wine, rather than drinking some cheap wine every day. I don’t want to seem snobbish, but it’s an entirely different experience.

Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer
it has a large aerating chamber and air intake system that utilizes the Bernoulli Effect
rubber stopper is tapered and ribbed to create a leak-free seal
manufactured with high quality FDA approved materials
Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator
Measures 6 inches high by 2 inches wide; safe to clean in the dishwasher
Easily and conveniently enhances the flavor, bouquet, and finish of any wine
the aerator comes with a no-drip stand
Andre Lorent Vinluxe Pro Wine Aerator
#1 rated wine aerator by the wine world
made of acrylic, like most of them, and is quite durable
you can even put it in the dishwasher if you like

One thing that you may be aware of is that some assortments of wine need to be aerated before consumption. Not all, of course, but most need to be decanted so you can feel the entire bouquet of flavors. Winemakers usually leave out instructions, but a wine enthusiast will always know when to do it and when not to. I don’t think I have to tell you that only a few red wines need to undergo this process, but Ithought that I should mention it anyway.

Decanters versus wine aerators

Decanting is a pretty straightforward operation, but it takes a while. And patience as well. What you do is take the bottle of wine and slowly pour it into another container (preferably a glass container) without disturbing the sediment. After that, you just let it sit for 30 to 40 minutes before you serve it. Simple as that. It really makes a difference in the taste, and people appreciate a well-decanted wine better than a straight-from-the-glass red.

However, there is another solution that wine enthusiasts, such as myself, love. It’s called a wine aerator, and it’s a brilliant device. I don’t even know if I can call it a device. It’s more of a kitchen instrument that helps you aerate your wine while you are pouring it. The wine goes through a funnel that allows a pressurized force of oxygen to come into contact with it. As a result, the aeration is instant. Naturally, you don’t have to let the wine sit. You pour it directly into the glass, and it’s ready to serve.

The benefits of a wine aerator

I have to admit that I was skeptic about it at first. I said that there is no way it can aerate wine instantly. But then I tested it and realized I couldn’t be more wrong. A wine aerator is a fantastic investment if you love your wine. Here are a few benefits you can enjoy if you purchase one.

  1. It makes wine taste better. Oxidation manages to soften the flavor of the wine, which makes every aroma more accentuated. Using a wine aerator will result in a more pleasant taste, and the wine will reach its full potential. Some wines aren’t even worth drinking without aerating them first.
  2. It’s a lot faster than a decanter. With a decanter, you have to slowly pour the wine into another container, and let it sit for at least half an hour, whereas a wine aerator will have an immediate effect. And you know what? There is absolutely no difference in taste between a decanted wine and an aerated one. You get the same excellent aroma, only that you will get it instantly.
  3. You will never waste wine again. Decanting requires that you pour the entire bottle of wine into a decanter, which sometimes may go to waste. Especially if it’s only for yourself. But you can use a wine aerator to pour just one glass, and you can save the rest for another day. Acquire a wine preserver as well, and you will have a fresh, well-aerated glass of wine every time you want it. No more wasted wine.
  4. I know it sounds a little bit weird, but by using a wine aerator, you can make a bottle of cheap wine taste like a more expensive one. The effect of this device is to focus on different aromas, and they will flourish the moment the wine goes through the aerator. That way nobody can accuse you of serving cheap wine.
  5. It makes for an excellent wedding gift. Who doesn’t drink wine, after all? It beats a china set or a gravy boat, don’t you think? And it’s a lot cheaper too.

Types of wine aerators

Manufacturers have been very creative when it comes to producing wine aerators. Their primary goal was to make one using as few resources as possible (which translates to cheap), convenient to use, but very efficient. That is how multiple types have come to life. Each one of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, but at the end the of the day, you decide which one you prefer.

Wine aerator pourer

This type is very easy to use and does not occupy a lot of space in the kitchen. You can simply store it in a drawer. What you have to do is insert the rod into the bottle, and the muzzle will be both an aerator and a wine stopper. This is an excellent choice if you don’t care about a fancy design. However, the disadvantages of the wine aerator pourer are that it may not last very long because of the rubber in the stopper, the rod is not the easiest thing to clean, and it only fits standard wine bottles.

Hand-held wine aerator

As far as I’m concerned, this model is the most convenient on the market. All you have to do is pour the wine through the funnel, directly into the glass. They usually come with a stand, so you don’t make a mess. Not all people agree, though. Some find it uncomfortable to hold, and they believe it’s too bulky compared to other designs. I have to agree that those that come without a stand are a bit uncomfortable.

Wine aerator dispenser

Personally, I am not a big fan of this design. I use a dispenser on a 1.5-gallon bottle of water, not on a bottle of wine, but some people prefer it. They even think it’s fancier. It’s true that they are easy to use. Just insert the rod inside the bottle, and you’re pretty much done. They can be a little tricky to clean, and they are a lot more expensive than other designs. Most dispensers are over 100$.

Wine aerator with stand

I believe this one looks very fancy, It’s tall enough to accommodate any glass underneath the funnel. It resembles a hand-held model, except that it has a tall stand. It’s affordable but will take a lot of space compared to other types. The design is sleek and elegant. The cleaning may be a little tricky, though.

What are the best wine aerators?

It all comes down to which type you prefer. After you determine that, you can filter the results. Another important aspect is the brand. Not all manufacturers managed to make the best wine aerator, which is why it is recommended that you read some reviews before making an actual purchase. But just in case you have trouble in finding the ideal aerator, here are a few suggestions that should be of help.

Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

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With Vintorio you can aerate your wine instantly. It has a large aeration chamber, and the air intake system uses the Bernoulli Principle. That means your wine will be infused with just the right amount of oxygen. You can double the value of your wine. All you have to do is insert the rod into the bottle, and then place the spout on top of it. As a result, you will feel all the aromas of that single glass of wine.

The aerator doubles as a stopper as well. No more red wine stains on your immaculate tablecloth. The stopper, which is made of rubber, is tapered and ribbed to create a leak-free seal. It doesn’t matter what size the bottle is, standard or non-standard. The spout is made of acrylic, and will also ensure that no wine goes someplace else other than your glass. To clean it, all you have to do is take the device out and run it under the running faucet.

The design is very appealing and sleek. The entire product is made of high-quality materials (which are FDA approved, just in case it makes a difference to you). Its elegance will draw attention each time you have company. It makes wine pouring very refined. Not to mention that this product is an excellent gift for wine lovers.

Although the Vintorio is not expensive, quite the contrary actually, I believe that it is worth every penny. It’s a necessary tool in every kitchen. Leaving looks aside, the product works as advertised. You will see that for yourself. You can actually see the bubbles as you pour the wine into your glass. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator

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This model is one of the most popular wine aerators on the market. I should know, I own one. There are a lot of reasons for that, trust me. I find this design the most convenient, mostly because it’s compact and does not occupy a lot of space. It measures only 6 inches in height and is 2 inches wide. I just put it in my silverware drawer. I don’t even bother cleaning it. I can put it in my dishwasher. It does a better job than myself anyway.

I must tell you that before I purchased the Vinturi, I was very skeptical regarding its efficiency. I said that it’s impossible to aerate wine instantly, but I was just stuck on decanting it. My opinion suffered an 180º. Now, I can’t do without. The way it enhances the flavors and sets free all those aromas that I didn’t even know they were there is just amazing. My favorite wine started to taste better, which, as you can imagine, brought me a lot of satisfaction.

I never really understood how the Vinturi works. Apparently, there is a patent-pending design that allows the wine to breathe while it’s being poured into the glass. The aerating is instant. You can even hear the bubbles.

The Vinturi is very easy to use. A lot of people think that it’s not very convenient since you have to hold the funnel over the glass. I don’t see anything inconvenient about it, but you know, each with its own. The product is made of durable acrylic and will last a very long time. I had mine for a couple of years now, and it looks as good as new. The non-drip stand is very useful. It ensures you make no mess after you pour. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

Andre Lorent Vinluxe Pro Wine Aerator

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I can honestly say that I didn’t find one relevant bad review on this product. I say relevant because there are people who complain abut silly things that have nothing to do with the product’s efficiency whatsoever.

The Vinluxe is very similar to the model I described above. It is a hand-held wine aerator that will make all the flavors in your favorite wine explode. You will definitely enjoy your wine better than before. That I can say for sure. It will make any 25$ bottle of wine taste like a 40$ bottle in just a matter of seconds. The wine will taste extraordinary every time you use this aerator.

This wine aerator is made of acrylic, like most of them, and is quite durable. You can even put it in the dishwasher if you like. It will not suffer damage. It has a fantastic design. I really think it’s elegant and will make wine pouring a little bit more refined. Vinluxe also comes with a stand that will prevent you from making a mess. It comes in handy if you are serving wine to your friends and there is a tablecloth on the table. Red wine stains are not easy to get rid of. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

My recommendation

Since I used, and still do, only one of the three products mentioned above, I strongly recommend the Vinturi. In my opinion, it is one of the best wine aerators on the market. It looks very fancy, and it does a great job at aerating your wine. Trust me, you will not recognize your favorite brand.


Over time, people transformed wine drinking into art. I can see why that is. Nothing beats a glass of wine with a good book on a cold evening. Just give yourself a break and enjoy it. And if you are already doing it, at least do it in style and get yourself a wine aerator. It will blow your mind. And your taste buds. Click here to buy on Amazon

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